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The cream of the crop when it comes to chess schools, Chess Max Academy delivers results that most other schools can only dream of!

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Chess Max Academy is an outstanding chess school for students of all ages located in the heart of New York City. It was founded by GM Maxim Dlugy, and many of its students have achieved great results in chess, like winning all kinds of World, Continental, and National championships. In fact, more than half of all Chess Max Academy students are listed in the top 50 players in their country. That’s amazing! If you’re looking for results, and you’re determined to drastically increase the chess skill of yourself or your child, Chess Max Academy is definitely the place to do it.

Chess Max Founder, Grandmaster Maxim Dlugy

The amazing results Chess Max Academy has been able to achieve for its students are a bit less surprising when you consider who is providing the education. Grandmaster Maxim Dlugy has had an illustrious career in chess as a former World Junior Champion, President of the U.S. Chess Federation, and the highest rated chess Blitz player in the world for many years. Now you and your children can benefit from his wealth of knowledge and experience by enrolling in the chess school he has founded, Chess Max Academy.
GM Maxim Dlugy

GM Maxim Dlugy

GM Dlugy’s individual achievements are too numerous to list, but most recently he has won two back to back Grandmaster Charity Blitz Championships, ahead of dozens of other grandmasters. At Chess Max Academy, GM Dlugy provides personal education and assistance to each of his students, whether they are engaged in one on one lessons or part of a group class. This personalized attention and tailored teaching is what really allows his students to excel at chess.

Programs at Chess Max Academy:

Chess Max Academy offers a number of different programs for students of all ages and skill levels. There are group classes for both children and adults, after-school programs, chess camps, one on one lessons, and even online lessons available. They also hold regular tournaments for students to participate in which are rated by the US Chess Federation and even include cash prizes!

Group Classes

Group classes at Chess Max Academy can be a great way to connect with other players of a similar skill level. Classes for children are divided by age and skill level, going all the way from beginner up to a 2000+ USCF rating for children that are in the top 10 players of their age group in their country. Beginner classes are offered for children from ages 5 to 8, so make sure to enroll soon if your child is nearing that cutoff.

Group Classes at the Chess Max Academy

Group classes at Chess Max Academy can be a great way to connect with other players of a similar skill level

Classes are held on a weekly basis for about 21 weeks. Group classes are available in English or Russian. The enrollment cost is $1,200 per student for lower levels and $1,800 per student after they reach a rating of about 1000. At the highest level, lessons cost $120 per class.

One adult group class is offered for students of all skill levels. Whether you need to learn the basics or improve on the knowledge you already have, instruction from GM Maxim Dlugy will help you strengthen your chess game and improve your overall knowledge of the chess board. Hour-long classes are held on a weekly basis for 10 weeks, and tuition costs $540-$600 per semester.

One on One Lessons

Maxim Dlugy Teaching a kid

Lessons are available with GM Dlugy himself, or other great teachers

Private instruction is available for students of all ages who are serious about improving their game quickly. They can be held either in person or online, depending on your location and needs. The extremely personalized nature of these lessons allows students to delve deeper into specific issues or interests that can’t be covered in group classes. You will also receive specialized openings knowledge or training exercises designed to address your individual weaknesses on the board. Lessons are available with GM Dlugy himself, or other great teachers like Lev Alburt, Jimmy Broja, and Michael Karon. Call to check current availability and schedule your lesson.



Tournaments are held several times a week at Chess Max Academy, and all of them are US Chess Federation rated and feature cash prizes for the winner. Various formats are used, such as Blitz or Quad. A full schedule of upcoming tournaments is available on the Chess Max Academy website.

Chess Max Chess Camp

Chess Max Academy has one of the most famous chess summer camps in the country, and the only week-long camp taught by no other than Anatoly Karpov. This year, it’s being held the last week of July, and there are only 12 spaces available, so make sure to secure one for your child as soon as possible!

Anatoly Karpov and Maxim Dlugy at the Chess Max Summer Camp

One of the most famous chess summer camps in the country, and the only week-long camp taught by no other than Anatoly Karpov

There are also several more camps available throughout the summer months if you can’t make it to that one. Camp activities included rated chess, opening and endgame preparation, middle game, study of greatest player’s games, problem contests, fun chess variants, and much more! Half day, single day, and late pick up are all options available for summer camps to make it easier on parents.

Non-Chess Programs

Chess Max Academy teaches more than just chess. They also have Russian and Mandarin language classes where students can begin learning another language at a young age. In these classes, children become acquainted with the basics of the language, as well as its songs, stories, literature, history, and culture. The lessons complement Chess Max Academy’s chess instruction, but can also be taken independently.

Chess Max Academy also have Russian and Mandarin language classes

Chess Max Academy also have Russian and Mandarin language classes

There are also art classes taught at Chess Max Academy, where students can take a break from the chess set and develop their creativity and imagination in other ways. There are several different classes to choose from, for adults or children and taught in Russian or English. Most of these non-chess programs cost $900-$1,200 in tuition for the 21 week season. Adult art classes cost $60 per session.

Final Thoughts on Chess Max Academy

If you’re located in the New York City area, or even a bit outside of it, Chess Max Academy is certainly worth the drive. The results this chess school has been able to achieve for its students speak for themselves, and the high caliber of education available there is clearly attracting some of the strongest up and coming players from all over the world. If you can afford the tuition, we highly recommend enrolling your child in lessons at Chess Max Academy. The availability of online lessons makes them accessible from anywhere, and you will certainly see an improvement in your child’s play!

Its group lessons, tournaments, and one on one coaching sessions are all superb, but what really makes Chess Max Academy stand out is its summer camps. The opportunity to even meet, let alone learn from a famous player like Anatoly Karpov is one that should never be passed up!

Contact Information:
Chess Max Academy Website:
Phone number: (917) 930-8840
Address: 1470 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10075



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