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Chess World Chess Shop. Melbourne, Australia

If you’re looking for some top of the line Aussie chess sets, you’ve defo got to check out Chess World!

Chess World Logo

Chess World is a reputable chess shop located “down under” in sunny Australia. They have a wide variety of products available at all different price points. Australian chess lovers rejoice, if you’re tired of paying ridiculously high shipping fees to buy chess equipment from stores based in other countries, Chess World can solve that problem for you!
For the rest of the world, Chess World is still more than worth checking out! They stock a variety of unique products, along with some that can’t be found anywhere else. The whole shop is choc a bloc with tons of high quality chess pieces, boards, sets, and much more!

History of Chess World

Chess World was founded in 1997 by the former Australian Junior Chess Champion, David Cordover. It is located in the heart of Melbourne, and has been the only dedicated chess shop in that city for its entire 20+ year history!

Chess World Store Front. Melbourne, Australia

Chess World, located in the heart of Melbourne.

Their mission centers around the idea of chess as a metaphor for life, with a particular emphasis on the necessity of human connection. To get really good at the game, you need to seek out and play against other people. Sure, you can learn from a book or start playing against a computer, but in order to get the full experience of chess, sooner or later, you’re going to have to sit face to face with another person and battle over the chess board.

The people at Chess World also view the game of chess as a great equalizer. On the chess board, everyone IS equal, regardless of age, gender, status, or upbringing. This total equality allows players to explore concepts like respect, compassion, understanding, and empathy, which are invaluable in life.

The Chess World Reputation

Chess World as a company is so much more than just a place to get your necessary chess supplies. They care deeply about the game of chess and the positive impact that it can have in the world, and in individual people’s lives. They’re definitely not just in this business to make a quick buck, it’s obvious by everything they do that they truly care about the game as well as their customers. This commitment has earned them a sterling reputation in the world of online chess shops. In fact, it may be the reason that no other chess shop has tried to compete against them in the Melbourne area!

Chess World Chess Shop. Melbourne, Australia

Chess World – So much more than just a place to get your necessary chess supplies.

There are a few core values at the heart of every decision Chess World makes which guides their business practices. They are as follows:

Beauty and Design – They pride themselves on delivering top of the line, high quality sets to all their customers. Attention to detail is paramount!
Energetic and passionate – Chess World employees love what they do, which is obvious in the way that they interact with customers!
Connectedness – The enduring appeal of this ancient game has brought people together for thousands of years, which is something Chess World actively celebrates in the modern day.
Caring – Tolerance, compassion, and equality are all important parts of the game of chess, and Chess World would like to see them spread even further.

Product Selection at Chess World

Chess World stocks over 200 chess sets and boards made from a variety of materials such as wood, glass, metal, stone, and more. They have themed chess sets, folding sets, tournament sets, three in one sets, and anything else that you may be looking for. Of course, they also carry chess essentials like chess clocks, chess boxes, score books, educational books, chess tables, and much more. Check out their full inventory on the Chess World website!

These high quality products are also available in a wide range of price points, so there’s something for every budget.

Chess World’s Product Quality

Though they sell a large variety of products, all of them are vetted to make sure that they’re up to scratch with Chess World’s strict quality standards. They pride themselves on providing chess sets and other equipment that you can be proud to own, and will be a joy to play with.
When you buy from Chess World, you can rest assured that you’ll be delivered a high quality product. And if, for any reason, you need to make a return or replacement, the friendly customer service department will be more than happy to help you.

Customer Service at Chess World

Chess World’s customer service embodies their company values of equality, compassion, empathy, connectedness, and caring. Every time you speak with one of Chess World’s customer service agents, you can expect to be treated fairly and with respect by a friendly person dedicated to helping you with whatever problem you may have.

Chess World in general aims to make the buying experience as easy as possible on its customers. In fact, they even have a “Chess set buyer’s guide” available on their website to help customers choose the perfect set! To get to it, simply click on the “How to buy a chess set” link at the bottom of each page. The guide briefly goes over the different styles and materials that are available, as well as providing guidelines on which sizes of chess pieces work with which sizes of chess boards. It’s a very helpful resource for the first time buyer, or anyone who wants a little reassurance.

If you’re having trouble making a decision based on the information available online in the product listing, you can always stop by their showroom and see the 200+ chess sets on display in person. If you don’t live near enough to visit, you can also contact customer service, and they’ll answer any questions you may have about a particular product.

The Chess World Website

Chess World has a sleek and modern website that is simple and easy to use. It is very user friendly and quite easy to navigate. At the top of each page, there are several categories to choose from that will take you where you need to go, including: Chess sets, Chess Pieces, Chess Boards, Rex Noir, Berkeley Chess, Dal Rossi, Chess Plus, Giant Chess, Chess Clocks, and Accessories. One click on any of these categories will take you right to the products that match that category, and you can start shopping in no time flat.

There is also a convenient search bar at the top of each page that can be used if you’re searching for something more specific. The way that it’s laid out, you shouldn’t have any trouble navigating the Chess World website, but if you do- don’t hesitate to call customer service!

Chess World’s Deals, Discounts and Sales

From time to time, Chess World will offer deeper discounts on their already reasonably priced products. Most years, they will have a sale around the holidays, and other sales throughout the year. Certain products may also be discounted for quick sale at any time. To make sure you’re among the first to hear about any of Chess World’s sales and discounts, you may want to join their newsletter.

To keep an eye on a specific product you’re interested in, try adding it to your wishlist. That way, you’ll be able to go back and check on it easily to see if the price has changed at all.

Shipping Methods, Payment Options, and Return Policies at Chess World

Australia Orders are processed within 1 to 3 working days under normal circumstances, and you can expect delivery within 3 to 5 business days if you’re in the Melbourne metro area, or within 14 days for regional deliveries. Quicker deliveries may be possible if you speak to customer service before placing your order. At this time, Chess World only delivers orders within Australia.

Chess World’s return policy allows for orders to be returned for a replacement within 30 days of receipt. Giant chess sets may not be returned. For all other items, make sure that it is in its original packaging and original condition.

If you simply change your mind about a purchase and want to receive a sore credit refund instead of a replacement, you have 10 days to initiate your return. Shipping costs will not be refunded.

Our Final Thoughts on Chess World

Chess World is a unique Australian chess shop that truly cares about both its customer base and the game of chess. It stocks a wide variety of chess related products and serves the Australian chess community well. Its products are reasonably priced and high quality, if you buy them during a sale you can get an even better deal! The bottom line is, when you buy from Chess World, you’ll be rapt.

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  1. Hello my wife purchased a Dal Rossi Italy walnut chess set (item number L2020DR) for my birthday which arrived 2days ago I was excited opening the box but on closer inspection I observed the board itself to be faulty. Where the hinges are placed along the centre of the board there is a visible gap one side to the other and when opened to play the board is not level by this I mean because the hinges are not placed correctly both ends have large gaps and one side is much higher than the other. When I. Asked my wife what the cost of the set was I was shocked as the workmanship is disgusting and cheap it may have an Italian name brand but looks like it is made in China. Very disappointed, your web page is very impressive but the product I received is well below par and not indicative of your advertising. I am hoping that the set I received is just a faulty product that slipped through your quality checking process and I can be supplied a new chess set of the quality the retail price suggests
    Awaiting your reply regards James martin

    1. James,
      I’m sorry you had a bad experience. We are not merchants and didn’t actually sell you the item. We do product reviews only. Have you contacted Chess World? All the best.

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