MegaChess Is Taking Chess to a Whole New Level

Industry giant MegaChess is taking the hugely popular game and making it even bigger!

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MegaChess is an online chess store that exclusively sells oversized chess sets. While other shops may sell a few giant sets in addition to their regular line of table sized chess sets, MegaChess is 100% dedicated to giant chess sets, so they really know their business! This expertise allows them to design outdoor chess sets that will meet each customer’s unique needs.

The company was born out of a love for the unique art form of giant chess sets. The founder’s father was a wood carver by trade, so this natural love of the medium quickly blossomed into a growing business that has become more successful than anyone could have imagined in those early years!

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The MegaChess Mission

Over the years, MegaChess has grown as a company, but also as a force for good in the world. Their mission had always been to provide their customers with the finest quality hand carved giant chess pieces available, but they also adopted a new mission to make the game of chess fun and accessible to children and teens. By doing this, they hoped to win them away from television and video games so that they could develop an interest in other things and exercise their minds. A noble goal!

MegaChess Giant Chess Set

The company was born out of a love for the unique art form of giant chess sets

Product Selection at MegaChess

In one way, the product selection at MegaChess could be seen as limited, since they only carry giant chess sets. But once you realize just how many different types of giant chess sets there actually are, that perception quickly goes away.

MegaChess Materials

The first thing you may be struck by when browsing through the MegaChess site is the enormous variety of materials used to make these different chess sets. MegaChess produces chess sets in all different materials in a variety of price points, each having their own pros and cons:
Plastic – Durable and economical, but may not satisfy those looking for luxury.
Teak – hand carved, luxurious wood with warm and beautiful colors. Teak offers a more traditional look, though it doesn’t fit every style.
Fiberglass – Beautiful high gloss finish that will last for years with little to no maintenance, but can be costly.
Topiary – These sets consist of a wire frame that plants can be grown around. It produces a stunning finished product, but not for those with a brown thumb!
Rubber tree – A more economical option than teak for those looking for a wood option.
Acrylic – MegaChess also sells a two-dimensional acrylic set that can be mounted on a wall or played on the ground using the bases. The acrylic is very lightweight and refracts light wonderfully!

Giant Chess Set Sizes

Not all “giant chess sets” are the same size, and nowhere is that more obvious than at MegaChess. They sell chess sets in a wide variety of sizes, the smallest of which being only 7 inches tall. A typical table sized chess set is usually no more than 4 inches tall, for comparison.
The tallest sets in their line up are 72 inches, or 6 feet tall! 8″, 12″, 16″, 24″, 36″, 48″, and 60″ sets are also available.

72" Tall Chess Piece

Chess Sets of Different Styles

MegaChess doesn’t limit themselves to one certain style of chess set, either. They have sets available in the traditional Staunton style as well as a funky modern geometric style, Tiki style, Medieval style, and even a stately Napoleonic style. They also sell chess hats and t shirts so that you can transform your group of friends into a human chess team and act out all of your moves across the chessboard. For kids, they have the unique Teddy Bear Chess Set, while adults can enjoy the Beer Chess Set!

Other Outdoor Games

If you ever need a break from chess, or want to have multiple games going on at once, MegaChess also sells a variety of other oversized games that would all be great for a backyard barbecue or other party. Your guests are bound to have a blast with games like giant checkers, giant tic tac toe, giant cornhole, giant Jenga, and Mega connect four! And if none of those games tickle your fancy, there’s also giant dominoes, giant pick up sticks, giant backgammon, and many more to choose from. They’ve taken all your favorite games from childhood and super-sized them!

MegaChess Product Quality

MegaChess offers a ton of top-quality items made from the finest materials with careful attention to detail as each piece is handcrafted. Understandably, these top tier products come with a price tag befitting their level of quality.

However, even the more economical items in the MegaChess lineup offer a great value for your money, and you can expect any purchase made at MegaChess to hold up over the long haul.

Commercial Customers, Custom Orders, and DIY Projects

MegaChess also provides giant chess sets to commercial buyers, whose needs are different from the typical customer who is buying a set for residential use. MegaChess works closely with hundreds of resorts, hotels, campgrounds, schools, rental companies, bars and restaurants, senior citizen facilities, shopping centers, apartment and condominium complexes, homeowners associations, city parks, libraries, museums, and public gardens. They understand that these places have unique needs, such as strict storage limitations or a need to be able to secure their sets at night, and are happy to work with customers to find the right solution.

MegaChess giant chess sets in public gardens

MegaChess giant chess sets in public gardens

Whether you’re a commercial buyer or an individual, however, you don’t need to necessarily stick to what you see in the product listing, because MegaChess offers a variety of customization options. You may choose a custom color scheme for any fiberglass chess set, or even add your own logo to any giant chess set.

If you’re looking for something even more custom, you may try your hand at making your own DIY custom chess board. MegaChess has generously provided an in depth, 30+ page guide to doing just that. It’s available as a free download on their website.

Customer Service at MegaChess

Since MegaChess is all about helping their customers finding the perfect giant chess set that meets their needs, their customer service is obviously stellar. Whenever you have a question or concern, you’ll have no problem finding a friendly and informative employee to help walk you through it.

Giant Chess Set by MegaChess

MegaChess customer service is obviously stellar

The MegaChess Blog

In addition to their online chess store, MegaChess also maintains an informative blog with a variety of articles on chess related topics. They have written articles on chess in schools, chess in shopping malls, and many more topics that illustrate just how much of a draw giant chess sets can be. Check out the blog to learn more about the correlation between playing chess and academic achievement in children, how giant chess sets can bring reluctant shoppers into storefronts and get them to spend more time there, and many more interesting topics!

Payment Options, Shipping Methods, and Return Policies

Payment options available at MegaChess include all major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and more. They do not offer PayPal payments at this time.

Payment Options

Most of their orders are processed and shipped out within 24 hours of being received in order to get your products to you fast. Free shipping is available for orders over $75 that are shipping to the continental US, which is great because shipping items of this size is not cheap! If you need a chess set fast, as in between 1 and 3 business days from the time you place your order, you can pay extra for different tiers of expedited shipping. Keep in mind that MegaChess orders are mega big! They typically ship in multiple large boxes or pallets, and sets over 24 inches may need to be shipped by freight rather than FedEx Ground.

MegaChess will ship to any country in the world (as allowed by the US government) so feel free to order from just about anywhere. If you want to get an idea of shipping cost before ordering, we recommend reaching out to a friendly customer service agent who will work to find the best rate on your behalf. All international orders must be paid by wire transfer prior to shipping, and the shipping quote will be door to port unless otherwise specified. It does not include any additional charges for taxes, customs, duty, or brokerage fees.

MegaChess Shipping Worldwide

To get the package from the port to your door, you’ll need to find a local freight forwarder to help you import your purchase and arrange for local shipping. It’s cheaper for the individual to do this rather than to have MegaChess arrange it, which is why they leave it up to you.

If you need to return a new, unused item in its original condition, simply contact their customer service at 855-MEGA-055 within 7 days of receiving your order. You will be responsible for the cost of shipping, and a 20% restocking fee will be charged on all returns.

One thing to note is that if you buy a giant chess set from MegaChess and later a piece gets lost or damaged, it’s easy to buy a single replacement piece. In fact, MegaChess is the only giant chess retailer that sells individual pieces, which are perfect as home decor, event dressing, or if you need to replace one of your pieces down the line!

New Products Coming Soon to MegaChess

MegaChess is all about innovative design in the realm of giant chess, which is why they’re constantly adding new products to their line. Some things to watch out for in the coming months are light up LED sets for Christmastime and a whole new giant plastic chess set that has all the durability of plastic and all the good looks of their top of the line fiberglass chess sets. The new set will also come with a 2-year warranty to ensure it lasts you a good long time.

Giant Chess Set

MegaChess is all about innovative design in the realm of giant chess

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, MegaChess is simply the best place to buy a giant chess set or other giant gameboard. There is just nowhere else that even comes close. While other online chess shops may dabble in selling one or two larger than usual chess sets, it is the only shop that really makes it their bread and butter, so they’re the ones with all of the industry expertise.

We wholeheartedly recommend MegaChess for all of your giant chess set needs. They have the largest selection and the highest quality products. Customer service is perfect for helping you find the right set for you, and the prices are reasonable, giving you a great value. MegaChess simply blows every other online chess shop out of the water when it comes to giant chess sets. There’s really no reason to shop anywhere else!

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