Shot Glass Chess Set – Your New Favorite Drinking Game!

Shot Glass Chess Set

If you’ve ever been curious about how to turn chess into a drinking game – here’s your chance to give it a “shot!”

All it takes is a quick Google search to figure out how to turn nearly any popular board game into a drinking game – it is 2024, after all. And yes, you could do the same with chess – but why not take your game to the next level with an eye-catching chess set made specifically for those nights when you want to indulge a little while you play? Keeping track of who drinks what and when couldn’t be easier than with a Shot Glass Chess Set.

Throw out any presumptions that chess always has to be a serious game of precision. Shot glass chess, is, of course, decidedly irreverent. Even if you aren’t a highly-skilled player, a chess drinking game can be a fun way to practice your skills in a low-pressure game.

True, your clarity and focus may suffer a bit by the end of the game. But taking a well-earned shot after each capture adds an exciting element of instant gratification and may motivate you to find the most creative ways to capture every last one of your opponent’s pawns!

Get ready to let loose and enjoy a lively and unique spin on the game, as well as a fun way to experience having a few drinks.

Drinking Chess Set (30$)

This drinking chess set just might be the coolest chess set ever – not to mention the classiest drinking game you’ll ever own!

Drinking Chess SetThis shot glass set is a great value for its affordable price tag. The board and shot glass “pieces” are all made of glass.

Each of the 32 shot glasses has a chess piece silhouette printed on it (in classic black or transparent “white”). These “chess-themed” shot glasses could also be a lot of fun to use even when you aren’t in the midst of a chess match!

The board measures at 9 ⅝” x 9 ⅝” with 1” squares. The board is ⅛” thick.
The shot glasses are 1 ½” tall with a 1” base and weigh .08 oz – before you fill them with your choice of beverage, that is!

We strongly urge you to use a chess set like this one responsibly. Filling each glass with only a very small amount of any alcoholic beverage is wise – please resist the temptation to fill each glass completely with straight liquor!

Shot Glass Chess Pieces

Always be mindful of your own personal limitations with alcohol and do not play this chess drinking game if you need to drive a vehicle, have certain health conditions or are taking certain medications, are pregnant or nursing a baby, or if you have a history of problems with alcohol and/or addiction.

We highly recommend this shots chess set, but only for players aged 21 and older!

Product Details [Read More]:

  • Including Board & Pieces (32 Shot Glasses)
  • Made of Glass
  • Square Size: 1″
  • Board Size: 9 5/8″ x 9 5/8″
  • Pieces Height: 1.5″

How do you play chess drinking game?

Unlike some board games, chess actually translates very readily into a drinking game. Gameplay for shot glass chess follows all of the same movement rules as a regular chess game. However, the game may feel a lot more interesting once you add stimulating beverages to the mix!

Before beginning the game, each glass is filled with an appropriate amount of your beverage of choice (again, please be responsible!). Any time you capture one of your opponent’s pieces, you get to drink what’s inside the shot glass representing that piece.

While yes, this can feel like a fun reward for whoever is doing the most capturing, be aware that it might end up being your undoing in the game! If you capture a lot of pieces early in the game, yes, your (likely soberer) opponent will have fewer pieces to work with, but they may have the advantage of clarity. This may possibly “even the playing field” in a game of mismatched skill levels. Of course, your individual levels of alcohol tolerance are going to make a difference, too!

It is possible to flip these rules around if you’d prefer, making the person who lost the piece drink the contents of the shot glass instead. As you can probably guess, this is likely to make any gap between players of different skill levels feel even wider! But two evenly-matched players may enjoy the challenge of keeping one’s pieces protected to avoid having to drink them!

Another use for this shot glass chess set (say, if your drinking buddy doesn’t know how to play chess) is shot glass checkers. The concept is the same, if you take a piece, you must drink it.

Having a chess drinking game at the ready can make any party or occasion that much more interesting. This shots chess set is inexpensive enough to bring as a host or hostess gift if you want to ensure some fun at the gathering you’re attending.

Shot Glass Chess Set

Having a chess drinking game at the ready can make any party or occasion that much more interesting.

Since most people have never played shot chess before, you’re likely to have curious and willing participants anywhere you go.

This drinking chess set would make a fantastic birthday, holiday, or graduation gift (for those 21 and older), or even as a reward for placing in a chess tournament (or any other achievement).

This set could be a fun housewarming gift for the person or couple that has everything – don’t forget to include a bottle of their favorite libation for extra brownie points! It could also be a great wedding shower gift for that engaged couple who enjoy staying in and playing board games together over a couple of drinks.

You can make shot glass chess part of your own staying-in date night, girls’ or boys’ night, nearly any kind of party, or even bring it along on a picnic or a trip to a bar or pub with decent table space. If you opt to bring the game to a bar, please be prepared to order a drink or two and fill the chess shot glasses yourself, rather than expecting the bartender to do it for you!

You could even bring your drinking chess set on vacation for a fun way to unwind after a busy day or sightseeing or spending time with relatives – because let’s face it, hotel rooms can be pretty dull places, and the nightly unwind ritual can become a treasured memory of your trip!

Final Thoughts

You can take the game of chess to a whole new level with this attractive and fun shot glass chess set. It’s definitely one of the most unique glass chess sets we’ve come across!

So, get out a bottle of your favorite drink, and get ready to defend your “king shot”. Whether your play style is to go all-out from the very beginning and take as many pieces (and shots!) as you can, or to cautiously build up your defense and then go in for the kill once your opponent’s focus starts to waver – you’re bound to have a lot of fun with this shot glass chess set!

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