Transformers Chess Set

Hasbro Games Transformers Chess Set

The best Transformers chess set on the market is the Hasbro Games Transformers Chess Set. All of the big names in Autobots and Decepticons have a part to play in this Transformers chess set, from Bumblee Bee to Megatron.

If you’re looking for a Transformers chess set that is durable and comes with the iconic Autobot and Decepticon characters, the Hasbro Games Transformers Chess Set is the best one on the market.

Hasbro Games Transformers Chess Set

Hasbro Games Transformers Chess Set

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Everything about the Hasbro Games Transformers Chess Set is what you would find in your traditional chess set.

Each set of pieces has 8 pawns, 2 rooks, 2 knights, 2 bishops, 1 queen, and 1 king. The most difficult part of the set is knowing which Transformer represents which chess piece.

First, you can decide who will be the Autobots and who will be the Decepticons. The Autobots represent the white chess pieces, and the Decepticons represent the black chess pieces. Following traditional chess rules, the Autobot pieces make the first move.

The pieces will also follow traditional chess moves. The pawns can move two spaces forward on the first move, with only one space allowances from there on out. Rooks can move vertically or horizontally on the chess board.

Knights will follow the L-shaped moves with two spaces vertically or horizontally and one space above or below or to the right or left. Bishops will move diagonally on the board, and the queen can move vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

Finally, the king will be allowed to move its respective one-space increments unless positioned nearby another piece that allows it to move two spaces.

The Transformer Chess Pieces

The Autobot chess pieces will be a gold color, and the Decepticon chess pieces will be a darker silver. The chess pieces are made of a pewter material that makes them both durable and affordable.

There will be 8 Autobot pawns and 8 Decepticon pawns identifiable by the Autobot and Decepticon icons found on the transformers.

The remaining chess pieces are a little more difficult to identify at first glance, but they are easy to learn.


  • Autobot = Ratchet
  • Decepticon = Bonecrusher


  • Autobot = Bumblebee
  • Decepticon = Ratchet


  • Autobot = Jazz
  • Decepticon = Barricade


  • Autobot = Ironhide
  • Decepticon = Starscream


  • Autobot = Optimus Prime
  • Decepticon = Megatron

The Chess Board

The Transformers chess board is made of cardboard and folds in half to fit inside the box. It measures 15.8” x 10.5”. The chess board’s playing side has a glossy finish that makes it easy to move the chess pieces across the board while also providing an attractive finish.

The colors of the chess board squares are light and dark, allowing you to set the chess board up in the traditional manner with the light-colored square in the bottom right corner of the board. Each end of the Transformers chess board has the word “Transformers” written on the board with Optimus Prime on the Autobot end and Megatron on the Decepticon end.

When setting up your chess pieces, you will set up the Autobot chess pieces on the end of the chess board where Optimus Prime is painted, and the Decepticons will be set up on the end of the board where Megatron is painted.

Overall, the chess board has a solid cardboard design that allows it to withstand years of use. It folds in half to fit conveniently inside the box for easy and handy storage.

Who is the Hasbro Games Transformers Chess Set Best Intended for?

The Hasbro Games Transformers Chess Set is recommended for the Transformers enthusiast, but only if they already know how to play the game of chess. If they are unfamiliar with the chess pieces, the moves they can make, and the game’s overall rules, the Transformers chess set can be a difficult chess set to use to learn the game.

We don’t recommend the Hasbro Games Transformers Chess Set for beginners for this reason. Learning chess can be difficult when using traditional chess pieces, so trying to learn chess on an unconventional chess set makes it even more difficult.

Of course, the Hasbro Games Transformers Chess Set is perfect for any Transformers enthusiast who will want the chess set for collection purposes only. Even though the person you are giving this chess set to may not know how to play chess, it doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate the Transformers chess set’s uniqueness and collectability.

Packing Up the Transformers Chess Set

When you are done playing with the Transformers chess set, you can easily pack it up using the playing piece storage tray. The storage tray will indicate which piece goes into which slot so that each piece can be stored securely and properly.

The cardboard chess board will also fold in half for you to conveniently place back into the box when you are done. Each of these will fit perfectly back into the box for safe and easy storage.

Our Final Thoughts

The Hasbro Games Transformers Chess Set is the perfect gift for a variety of people. Whether it is the chess enthusiast or the Transformer enthusiast, both types will enjoy receiving this quality Transformer chess set.

Chess collectors can add this chess set to their collection of specialty chess sets and can appreciate the quality and design of the set.

Transformer collectors will also enjoy adding this Transformer item to their collection, as it is different from much of the common collector items.

The Transformer chess set doesn’t have to be used to be enjoyed. It can be opened and put on display on a table or inside a hutch or cabinet.

Remember that if you plan on playing the Hasbro Games Transformers Chess Set, it is highly encouraged that you understand how to play chess first instead of using this chess set to learn the game. The Autobot and Decepticon pieces can be difficult to correlate with the standard chess pieces, making it difficult to learn to play the game.

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