The Legend of Zelda Chess Set

The Legend of Zelda Chess Set

Embark on an adventure in Hyrule with all of your favorite characters! This Legend of Zelda collector’s edition is the must-have Zelda chess set of any fan’s dreams!

From its initial release back in 1986, the Legend of Zelda video game series has captured the hearts and imaginations of players of all ages. Over the last few decades, newer editions to the game have continually been released, drawing in generations of new fans, as well as keeping the fun alive for those who have been fans since the start!

Now, in 2024, there are nearly 20 installments of this classic video game, each with its own unique enhancements to the classic tale of Link – a young boy on a mission to rescue a beautiful princess.

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda

For fans who can’t get enough of the characters and story, even when they aren’t in front of the gaming console, a number of classic board games (from Monopoly to Yahtzee) have been re-imagined with a Legend of Zelda theme.

We are excited to announce that chess is one of these games – and that the set is truly something special! Video game enthusiasts, lovers of unique chess sets, and die-hard fans of the world of Legend of Zelda are bound to love this stylish set.

So gather your courage, your Master Sword and Light Arrows – or perhaps the sword of the Six Sages instead! – and get ready to explore the land of Hyrule as you’ve never quite experienced it before.

Legend of Zelda Chess Set (70$)

The Legend of Zelda Chess Set

This Legend of Zelda Chess Set is absolutely beautiful, and would make the perfect gift for any Zelda fan! Sold by Chess House, one of the biggest chess stores in the world, this set is so modestly priced that it could even be the perfect birthday gift for a young child.

The chess pieces in this set are the heroes and villains of the Legend of Zelda video game series. The heroes are painted gold and villains, black. On the heroes’ side we have Link as the king, Zelda as the queen, Impa as the bishops, Epona as the knights, Darunia as the rooks, and Navi as the pawns. The villain pieces are Ganondorf as the king, Twinrova as the queen, Iron Knuckles as the bishops, Phantoms as the knights, Armos as the rooks, and Deku Nuts as the pawns.

The pieces in this Zelda chess set are made of polystone – a strong and durable stone-like material. The kings, Ganondorf and Link, are 2 ⅞“ and 2 ⅝“ and weigh 1.2 oz and .7 oz, respectively. Both kings have a 1” base.

This striking black and gray Zelda chess board features gold trim and Triforce symbols on either side – to infuse your pieces with the golden power! The board measures 20” x 16 ½“ with 1 ¾” squares. The board is ⅛” thick. This Legend of Zelda chess set comes packaged in an attractive box that allows you to keep the main character pieces on display when you’re not playing.

Product Details [Read More]:

  • Made of Polystone
  • Including Board, Pieces & Box
  • Kings: Link vs Ganondorf
  • Product Dimension: 11″ x 17″ x 3.5″
  • Individual Storage for Each Piece

The Legend of Zelda Chess Set

Inside the World of the Legend of Zelda – On a Chess Board!

This Legend of Zelda Collector’s Edition Chess Set is bound to spark the imaginations of fans as they choose a side (Link or Ganondorf) to side with for their chess match!

The beloved Legend of Zelda story is about a young hero named Link, and his journey to free the beautiful princess Zelda from the clutches of the evil, power-hungry dark lord Ganondorf.

The details and specifics of the story differ slightly across the different installments of the Legend of Zelda video game franchise. But the basic characters and elements remain – it’s the classic “hero’s journey.”

A young boy gains bravery and skills as he travels far and wide through the forest. He faces many foes, completes challenges, and ultimately rescues Princess Zelda from the Ganondorf – who seeks to glean power from her goddess bloodline.

The Light Zelda Chess Pieces

Link is the beloved hero of the Legend of Zelda – though, of course, in a game of Legend of Zelda chess you’ll be protecting “king” Link more so than exploring the land of Hyrule with him! In the video game, Link traditionally wears green and he is the bearer of the Triforce of Courage.
The Legend of Zelda Chess Set - King Chess Piece - Link
The Legend of Zelda Chess Set - Queen Chess Piece - Zelda
Your queen will be Princess Zelda of Hyrule herself, who draws her power from the Triforce of Wisdom. In older versions of the video game, Zelda is not a playable character. But in several newer iterations, she can use her powers to assist Link in battle. Of course, in the game of chess, she becomes very powerful indeed!
You’ll have a pair of Impa at your side (as bishops). The Impa traditionally serve as nursemaids and/or bodyguards to Princess Zelda – and they’ve been known to offer Link advice on his journey as well.
The Legend of Zelda Chess Set - Bishop Chess Piece - Impa
The Legend of Zelda Chess Set - Knight Chess Piece - Epona
If you need a little help from a virtually indestructible steed, just play “Epona’s song,” and one of your knight pieces will gallop up to your aid. Epona is Link’s trusted horse, keeping him protected from attack while mounted.
Once you’ve impressed Darunia, by clearing out Dodongo’s Cavern, not only will you be gifted with Gordon’s Ruby, but you’ll also have his sworn brotherhood and help on your chess quest (as a rook)!
The Legend of Zelda Chess Set - Rook Chess Piece - Durania
The Legend of Zelda Chess Set - Pawn Chess Piece - Navi
Your pawns take the form of Navi, Link’s fairy companion. In the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time video game (1998), Navi is entrusted with the task of helping Link on his journey and throughout the game pipes up with warnings or tips for the player.

The Legend of Zelda Chess Pieces

The Dark Zelda Chess Pieces

Should you choose the path of darkness instead, your king, Ganondorf, is quite literally the Great King of Evil. He may be nearly immortal, but in a chess game, he may need some help and protection from your other chess pieces!
The Legend of Zelda Chess Set - King Chess Piece - Ganondorf
The Legend of Zelda Chess Set - Queen Chess Piece - Twinrova
Your most powerful piece is “queen” Twinrova – who represents the twin sorceresses of fire and ice. These sorceresses, Koume and Kotake, always look out for and protected their beloved Ganondorf.
The bishops in this Zelda chess set are Iron Knuckles – some of the deadliest foes Link encounters on his quest. These soldiers protect Ganondorf’s castle – as Link discovered when he destroyed the Six Evil Barriers and ended up inside!
The Legend of Zelda Chess Set - Bishop Chess Piece - Iron Knuckle
The Legend of Zelda Chess Set - Knight Chess Piece - Phantom
The knights for the dark side are Phantom Guardians in this chess set. Not only are they large and imposing, but these heavily-armed warriors are clad in armor that’s nearly impenetrable. In the video game, Link has the option to hide in “Safe Zones” where Phantoms cannot see or attack him. Let’s hope your opponent on the chess board is not quite so fortunate!
You’ll also have a pair of Armos at your side (rooks). These are little statues or suits of armor that come to life and attack when touched or provoked.
The Legend of Zelda Chess Set - Rook Chess Piece - Armos
The Legend of Zelda Chess Set - Pawn Chess Piece - Deku Nuts
Your pawns are a collection of Deku Nuts. When these powerful nuts are thrown, they cast a blinding flash – stunning your enemies. In the video game, Link uses these powerful nuts as his own weapons – and they are actually one of the few weapons that can do damage to Ganondorf! Fortunately, Link won’t have any Deku Nuts to use against you in the world of Zelda chess – since you’ll have them all on your side!

Zelda Chess Pieces - Dark Pieces

Final Thoughts

We love the attention to detail and stylish look of this fun and unique chess set. Anyone who loves the Legend of Zelda is bound to be delighted by the thoughtful selection of characters to represent each chess piece. We are impressed with the high quality of This Legend of Zelda Chess Set for such a reasonable price!

What better way to re-imagine your chess game than as the ultimate battle between Link and Ganondorf – where you get to play all of the supporting characters, too! We’re sure that fans of unique themed chess sets and Zelda enthusiasts alike will love this beautiful chess set.

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  1. Is there a better board suggestion for this? Pieces are iconic, but the flat playing surface leaves much to be desired. Detail looks great but would be better in a raised wood base.

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